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Welcome to the Pack 569 Website!

If you are a Pack 569 member, you should have recieved a login and password. If you have not, send  a mail to the webmaster at (webmaster @ with your name, email and scout's name and we'll get you one! If you can't remember your log-in, our format is FirstnameLastname (no spaces) so that's a great place to start - or simply mail the webmaster to request a new password to be generated and sent to you automatically.

If you are not a member of Pack 569 but are interested in joining cub scouts, contact us! We would love to tell you more about our Pack! Send us a mail (info @ and we will do our best to answer all your questions! Also see the About Us page for more info.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q1: Who can join Cub Scouts?

A1: Cub Scouts is for Kindergarten through 5th graders, both boys and girls. 6th graders and beyond may join our local Duvall Scouts BSA Troop 745, local Woodinville Scouts BSA Troop 909, or local Carnation Scouts BSA Troop 411.


Q2: When and how can my child join?

A2: You can join any time of year. We do big recruitment events several times a year, but we are always happy to welcome new scouts! We are active year round (a little less so during the summer). You can now register online at the following link:, or by following these directions: 

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter your zip code and select Cub Scouts, then click the "Find and Apply" button
  3. Find the Pack 569 entry and click the "Apply Now" button

Once on the Welcome to Scouting page:

  1. Click the "Start" button in the Youth section
  2. Enter your child's information and click the "Next" button, then enter your own information and again click the "Next" button
  3. Review the terms and conditions, then enter your name in the E-Signature box and click the "Go to Checkout Summary" button
  4. The summary page lists pro-rated fees covering the rest of the calendar year and an optional Scout Life checkbox which is selected by default.  In future years, you'll pay pack dues for your scout which covers these fees and also contributes to the pack for events, awards, etc.  No pack dues are collected for a scout in his/her joining year, and the pack covers Scout Life subscriptions for all scouts.
  5. Pay the total amount due with a credit card, then click the "Place Order" button

Your registration will be reviewed by a pack leader and forwarded on to the council for processing.


Q3: What are the time commitments for Cub Scouts?

A3: Typically, dens (small groups in the same grade) meet once or twice per month to work on den-specific badges and achievements. Younger groups tend to meet less often and older groups more, but it's really up to the parents as leaders of the den! Once a month, the whole pack meets together as a group.


Q4: What kinds of things will we do in Cub Scouts?

A4: We schedule a pack event at least once a month. These include information-based meetings where we learn about a specific topic and achieve badges together, or various events and celebrations. Events include the family campout, hikes, bike rides, the Pinewood Derby, the Raingutter Regatta, pumpkin carving, the Egg Drop competition, and more. There's a big Blue and Gold pancake breakfast celebration event in the spring. Scouts are also involved in a number of service projects every year.


Q5: How much does Scouting cost?

A5: Our annual pack dues are $125 per child. Scouts that are just starting out will also need to purchase their uniform and various pack/den insignia for their uniform.


Q6: How much are parents required to participate?

Q6: Your only requirement is to actively support your child's involvement in den and pack activities. There are many ways that you can go above and beyond this, from simply lending your voice in planning sessions to taking a leadership position. Parents are often daunted by the prospect of becoming a leader, but in the end we're all just regular people volunteering to help our kids have a great experience.

Each den has a leader (generally a parent of one of the scouts in that den) and should also have at least one assistant leader. Together these parents organize the activities of the den toward the dual aims of having fun and achieving the next rank.

There are also a number of leadership positions at the pack level. This is the team that takes care of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the pack running smoothly.

  • Cubmaster: MC's pack meetings
  • Committee Chair: runs planning meetings and coordinates relationships with the charter org, the district, and other units
  • Treasurer: organizes the pack budget and tracks expenses
  • Quartermaster: manages equipment and supplies for pack events
  • Advancement Chair: purchases and distributes awards
  • Registrar: manages onboarding for new scouts and families
  • School Liaison: coordinates with local schools for recruitment and facilities use
  • Webmaster: manages the pack site

We also love when parents volunteer to help in small ways, such as decorating, helping with food, running smaller activities, etc.

Whether you have a lot of time to give or just a little, we are confident every family can find a way to contribute positively to the pack.

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